Hillingdon Guaranteed Rent Specialists

Denhan Guaranteed Rent has been managing rental properties in the London Borough of Hillingdon for over 15 years and our property specialists have built up excellent relationships with landlords during that time.

We are one of the leading letting agents in Hillingdon. Our knowledgeable and experienced team has an in-depth knowledge of the area.

Guaranteed Rent

 How much is your property worth?

From the day Denhan takes over the management of your property, the rental income will be paid on the same day every month, even if the property is temporarily unoccupied. Our experienced team will ensure that your property is professionally managed, giving you peace of mind.  

  • Guaranteed Rent Scheme London

We work with landlords in all 32 London boroughs, if you would like further information about our Guaranteed Rent Scheme, please fill in the Contact Us form below.    

  • 0% Commission

Traditionally letting agents charge landlords a commission for their services. In many cases this can be thousands of pounds. We charge no commission. Our service to you is totally free.   

  • No Insurance Policy

The Denhan Guaranteed Rent Scheme does not require you to purchase an insurance policy. We are so confident of our tenants that we offer this guarantee in-house.    

  • Rental Payment Guaranteed

We will pay the rent each month for the duration of the contract period even if the property empty. Denhan will also cover council tax payments while the property IS empty.   

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The London Borough of Hillingdon is the second largest of the London boroughs by area. It is situated within Greater London, and is the westernmost borough. Covering an area of 44.67 square miles, the total population stands at approximately 297, 700 square miles.

The borough is home to Heathrow Airport, and some of the main districts are Uxbridge, Ruislip, Hayes, and West Drayton.

Public Transport

There are numerous National Rail and London Overground stations within the borough, including  Heathrow Terminal 4 railway station, West Ruislip station, South Ruislip station, among others.

The borough is served by multiple tube stations, including Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3 tube station, Northwood tube station, Uxbridge tube station, and Hillingdon tube station. There are stops on the Metropolitan Line, Piccadilly Line, and Central Line (West Ruislip station).

38 London bus routes operate within the borough, 2 night bus routes, and 3 school bus routes. There are many other bus routes run by other operators. 

The borough has some cycling initiatives running, including the cycle loan scheme, the ‘Bikespiration‘ event in June, cycle training, guided cycle rides, and free cycle training.