How do we work?

How much rent could your property achieve?

We meet with you and value your property, we agree a monthly rental amount based on market rates. We agree a handover date and you then give us the keys. At this stage, it’s over to us, we will then…

5 things you must be aware of before joining a rent guarantee scheme

Our Process

Marketing your property

We carefully vet all our tenants and take up all references before finalising the tenancy agreement. We may also ask the potential tenant to provide details of a guarantor. There are many rules and regulations governing tenancies and we will advise you of any issues that affect you.

Deposit - All landlords (or agents) taking a security deposit must protect the money in an approved government scheme designed to

– Return full or part of the deposit to the tenant

– Resolve any disputes

– Encourage landlords and tenants to make a clear agreement from the start of the tenancy agreement

– There are two types of government approved schemes – insurance-based and custodial-based schemes. We are part of the custodial scheme

Draw up an inventory of the property

We provide a photographic inventory of the property and any furnishings, this avoids any disputes when a tenant vacates the property.

Before the tenant moves in, we will ask you to confirm the following

– Proof of ownership & building insurance

– You have arranged a gas safety check & a NICEIC electric safety check

– The property has smoke alarms

– Details of water stop location & electric/gas meter location

– Details of electric fuse box location

Check in the tenant

It is helpful if you leave information, e.g. on operating the central heating and hot water system, washing machine and the day refuse is collected. We will take a reading of all the utilities meters at this stage.

Collect and pay you the rent

We will pay you monthly via an automated BACS system direct into your bank account

Managing your property and take care of regular tenant issues

We strive to provide a personal and professional service. Our dedicated team will visit your property monthly and will deal with any maintenance issues

All this at NO additional cost to you  

The Denham ethos is to add value to your property investment. Our team has more than 15 years combined experience in the property letting industry.

As lettings specialists we are fully focused on the needs and priorities of our landlords and tenants, we offer

  • Landlords Guaranteed Rental Scheme
  • Landlords Property Management
  • Tenants Property Services
  • Property Maintenance

From the day Denhan takes over the management of your property, the rental income will be paid on the same day every month, even if the property is temporarily unoccupied. Our experienced team will ensure that your property is professionally managed, giving you peace of mind.

  • Guaranteed Rent Scheme London
  • 0% Commission
  • No Insurance Policy
  • Rental Payment Guaranteed

Before a property can be let, there are several matters which the owner will need to deal with to ensure that the tenancy runs smoothly, and also that he/she complies with the law.

  • Condition of Property
  • Appliance Safety
  • Repairs and Maintenance

If you are not already registered with us, the first step you need to take is to register your details with us. Once we have your details we will be able to look for a home that ticks all the right boxes for you. We will help you

  • Find and View the Right Property
  • Reserve the Property and fill in a Tenancy Agreement
  • Pay the Rent and Move in

Find out more about our Guaranteed Rent and how much rent we can pay you